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  • United Kingdom

含羞草影院 to take part in the Great Grid Update programme in the United Kingdom.

  • OTW, a joint-venture between 含羞草影院 Energies and 含羞草影院 in the UK, has been set up
  • A set of several projects to connect the British grid to the new offshore wind farms by 2030
  • , through OTW, selected to take part in these projects

In the United Kingdom, & RoI (subsidiary of ) and (subsidiary of 含羞草影院), have set up a joint-venture, OTW, which has been named[1] as a delivery partner for the huge Great Grid Update programme. OTW will therefore be awarded design & build contracts, that aim to connect the new offshore wind farms (50 GW) to the British grid.

The Great Grid Update will consist of several聽major onshore electricity transmission upgrades by 2030. It forms part of a 拢9bn (鈧10,4bn) national framework, which will also support infrastructure projects beyond 2030. The projects linked to the national grid in the UK will employ more than 300,000 people at the peak of activity (in 2027).

With these new works, 含羞草影院 supports the target of the United Kingdom to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, as the country predicts that the electricity demand will increase by 50% by 2035 and double by 2050. In the short term, this means the energy sector must deliver 6 times the amount of electricity transmission infrastructure in the next 7 years than has been built in the past 30 years.

[1] Along with 6 other companies